Katie Windham

Residence Hall Director - Brooks College

What is your favorite part about being a Residence Hall Director?

My favorite part of being a Residence Hall Director is investing in the people around me to foster a sense of belonging and purpose. I love that I get to support my students in cultivating healthy relationships, building habits that foster lifelong wellbeing, and clarifying their personalized vision of calling. By seeking the Lord in supporting student success and holistic development, I help to develop leaders with integrity who will succeed throughout their lives in changing the world for the better.

What does authentic Christian community mean to you?

Authentic Christian community stems from a reverence that each and every individual brings strengths and insights that God has ordained for their environment. By respecting each member of the community, we thrive as the body of Christ on earth. Every community requires its members to be engaged and relational; authentic Christian community further calls for stewardship of the gifts we can offer each other as we pursue what is good, true, and beautiful.