Mariah Duncan

Graduate Assistant Residence Hall Director - Penland Hall

What is your favorite part about being a GraduateAssitant Residence Hall Director?

Student Development is such an exciting field for me because I get to work with awesome people who want college students to have an incredible experience during their time here! Residence life adds an extra layer as it gives me the opportunity to walk alongside students as they grow into the young men and women that they are becoming by doing life with them daily! There is a lot going on during your college years with class and other extra curricular activities; being a Graduate Hall Director allows me to provide an environment for students to relax and find a home away from home during their college years.

What does authentic Christian community mean to you?

Authentic Christian community means being real with each other; recognizing that we all mess up and fall short of who God wants us to be. When you live in this Christian community you surround yourself with people that challenge you to offer grace to others and to yourself, to extend love to people in the ways that they may need, and to encourage and uplift those who are wrestling with a variety of ideas or struggles.