Rylie Ackley

Graduate Assistant Residence Hall Director - Penland Hall

What is your favorite part about being a Graduate Assistant Residence Hall Director?

My favorite part of being a Residence Hall Director is the ability to walk alongside students as they develop personally, academically, and professionally. Being able to live life alongside students and encourage them through every struggle and triumph is a blessing. As an RHD, I have the opportunity to walk alongside students as they learn who they are, discover their passions, and pursue their goals.

What does authentic Christian community mean to you?

Authentic Christian Community provides a unique experience and opportunity to be fully known and to fully know others. This kind of community created through the Spirit of God is a space where everyone belongs and is loved with grace and mercy. This community lifts us up when we stumble and falter as well as celebrates with us in our moments of joy. Authentic Christian Community challenges and encourages each person through accountability, discipleship, vulnerability, forgiveness, and ultimately, love.