Beth Benschoter

Graduate Assistant Residence Hall Director - Brooks Residential College

What is your favorite part about being a Graduate Assistant Residence Hall Director?

My favorite part about being a Graduate Assistant Hall Director is building relationships with students and experiencing every day life together in community. It is so rewarding to be welcomed into the stories of students' lives and to share in their challenges and victories. Not only does it provide opportunities to invest in students' growth throughout their college years, but it also provides opportunities to learn and grow from students and staff in return. Students have a lot to offer, and I love being able to walk alongside them through bright ideas and big life questions.

What does authentic Christian community mean to you?

Authentic Christian community means being real with one another by practicing vulnerability and authenticity daily. Community is fostered in a space that embraces a shared identity in Christ and where each member feels free to be the person God created them to be as a way to worship the King.