Luke Waldbillig

Assistant Residence Hall Director - University Parks

What is your favorite part about being an Assistant Residence Hall Director?

My favorite part of being a Residence Hall Director is the opportunity to see students thrive in the community we build together. I firmly believe that lives change when we encounter God's grace lived out in a community of people on a journey together. Having a front row seat as a Residence Hall Director to witness this happening in the lives of students and our staff (including me!) is easily both my favorite aspect and one of the highest honors of working in this role.

What does authentic Christian community mean to you?

Authentic Christian community strives to be the kind of community where everyone is seen, heard, known, and loved. In this kind of community, we are met with the truth that we are both deeply flawed and deeply loved at the same time, which means we need to rely on God's grace for everything we do together. When we fall short, we lift each other up with both truth and love. In this reality, we find true freedom to be who God intended for us to be.