Frequently Asked Questions

Gaming, Media, or Streaming Devices

Baylor defines media devices as devices primarily used for entertainment. Residents are welcome to use media devices living on-campus, but the device must be able to connect using ethernet for Baylor’s network. Media devices are not allowed on Baylor's WiFi network. Only devices that can connect using WPA2-Enterprise are allowed on AirBear WiFi.

  • Make sure you are matching the MAC/ethernet/physical address exactly as it appears on your device for registration.
  • Are you on Baylor's network while trying to access the registration page? This page is only available while on Baylor's network.
  • Are you plugging the device into the yellow ethernet jack? If so, try your roommates ethernet jack to see if it works, or try a different ethernet cable. Sometimes, the ethernet jack needs to be repairs, or you may need to get a new ethernet cable.
  • Can't find the MAC address? Every device is different, so you may need to Google search for how to find it on your specific device.
  • Can't find your Apple TV's MAC address? See the "Apple TV" section below.

WiFi (AirBear) Problems

If you are having problems connecting your desktop, laptop, tablet, or mobile phone to the AirBear network on campus, please try one of the following solutions:

  • Make sure your device's date and time are accurate.
  • Make sure you are using your Bear ID (FirstName_LastName) and not your ID number.
  • Go into settings, remove any trace of AirBear, and try to reconnect.
  • Restart your device, and try again.
  • If you

Only desktop, laptop, tablet, mobile phone devices are allowed on the WiFi (AirBear) at Baylor. All others like gaming, streaming, or smart devices can only use the ethernet internet (ResNet) in your on-campus room. To register one of these devices to recieve ResNet internet at Baylor, you will need to find the device's MAC or Physical Address, and click here to register it using your Bear ID and password.

Note: You may purchase ethernet cables and/or other adapters at the Baylor Bookstore.

Apple TV

Find the Mac Address in Apple TV Settings
If you have already setup your Apple TV prior to moving in at Baylor, connect it to an ethernet cable and go to Settings > Network > Ethernet Address
Click Here to register the address
New Apple TV? Find Mac Address in Initial Setup
  1. Power on Apple TV

  2. Select Language > Select Country

  3. Choose whether to use Siri or not

  4. Select "Set Up Manually"

  5. Connect the Apple TV to an ethernet cable that is connected to a yellow ethernet port.

  6. A new page will display, "Activating Apple TV - It may take a few minutes to activate your Apple TV"

  7. Eventually, an "Activation Error" page will appear. At the bottom you will find the MAC/Ethernet address.

  8. Write down that address exactly as it appears, and register your Apple TV here.

  9. After you have registered the ethernet address, select Try Again on the Apple TV.
No Ethernet Address Showing?
If the ethernet address doesn't show on the Activation Error page, your apple TV operating system may not be up-to-date. You will have to use a wireless hotspot or alternative network to get through the initial setup.

Laptop or Desktop Ethernet

The following is the process to set your laptop or desktop to use Baylor's ResNet ethernet network:

  1. Plug your ethernet cable into the yellow ethernet port in your room. If the port is damaged, please contact the HelpDesk (254-710-4357)
  2. Open an internet browser, and try to go to a website like Google or Yahoo
  3. You should automatically be redirected to a webpage. Select "Please Click Here to Continue..."
  4. Follow each step. If you are on a Windows machine, you are required to have an anti-virus software running to use the ethernet network. In Step 1, you can download and install an anti-virus software offered for free by Baylor to students.
  5. On Step 2, make sure you download the scanner software, and also run the software. Most students install it but don't run the program. This scanner will check your system to make sure you have a valid anti-virus software installed before you are able to connect. The software will remove itself from your computer the next time you restart you device.
  6. If you have an Apple computer, you can skip everything and go to Step 3.
  7. If you are having problems, make sure you are following each step correctly.

Wireless Printers

You can either connect your printer directly to your laptop/desktop via USB cable, or use a Baylor's PawPrints printer. Printers that residents bring are not allowed on Baylor's network.

Anti-Virus Software

It is recommended that you have an anti-virus (AV) software installed on laptop or dekstop devices.
(Baylor offers Symantec Anti-Virus to students for free here).

AirBear (Wifi)
Anti-Virus software is not required to connect

ResNet (Ethernet)
Apple/Mac - Anti-Virus software is not required to connect.
Windows - Anti-Virus software is required to connnect.
Other - Anti-Virus software may be required to connect.

Free Software

Click Here to view all of the free software Baylor offers to students.