Future Residents

Baylor's on-campus residents have many different types of technology services at their fingertips. Most of the these technologies are available in student rooms and even across campus. Here is a list of available services:

Wireless Internet - AirBear

All residence halls have access to AirBear wireless internet from anywhere in the building, including student rooms. Every student may recieve up to 30Mbps download and upload speeds on the wireless network. All students and faculty can access this network with their Bear ID (First Name_Last Name) and password.

Ethernet Network - ResNet

Each resident has one YELLOW ethernet connection available in thier room. Every student is garanteed 50Mbps download and upload speeds on the wired network. Any ethernet cable would work just fine, including Cat 6.

Network Printers - PawPrints

Students may print from any computer on the Baylor network to a PawPrints printer. Every front desk in each residence hall has a PawPrints printer. Click Here for more information.

Cable Television - *Requires Rental*

Each residential room (and living room if applicable) has 1 cable television coax wall port. Residents who want access to the cable channels will need to open an account with Grande and acquire a digital converter box (also known as DTA box). Renting this cable box from Grande Communications is FREE, but they may ask for a credit card to be on file for the rental to ensure that the box is returned and for any damages. On each move in day, Grande will be located on the 2nd floor in the Bill Daniel Student Center (a.k.a. The SUB) on Baylor campus for residents request this rental. Make sure to bring a COAX cable.

CLICK HERE for more info

What tech can I bring with me to Baylor?

    • Windows Laptop/Desktop/Tablet
    • Apple Laptop/Desktop/iPad
    • Chromebook
    • Linux
    • Game Consoles (Only available using ethernet connection)
    • Smart TV/DVD (Only available using ethernet connection)
    • Streaming Devices (Only available using ethernet connection)

Approved or Restricted Technology

Students are welcome to bring gaming, streaming, or smart devices to campus, but the device must be able to connect with an ethernet connection to use Baylor’s network. Only laptops, desktops, smartphones, and tablets are allowed on the wireless network. To use all other devices, students must register the MAC address of the device to receive network connection via ethernet. See below for a list of approved or restricted devices on Baylor's network.

Apple TV MAC Address

Apple TV does not easily provide the MAC/ethernet address prior to initial setup. Click Here for instructions on how to find the address to register it for Baylor's wired network.