First-Year Students FAQs

Housing Application, Process, & Requirements

Are first-year students required to live on campus?

Yes. All first-year students at Baylor University are required to live on campus unless they meet one of the exemption requirements. To qualify for a residency exemption from the first-year on-campus housing requirement the student must: 1) have graduated from a McLennan County high school and choose to reside with a parent/legal guardian whose primary residence is in McLennan County, 2) be 21 years of age before the first day of class, 3) be married, or 4) have dependents. Please submit the Application for Residency Exemption to the Campus Living & Learning office.

How do I apply for Housing?

Directions for how to apply for housing at Baylor can be found on our How to Apply page or also within the Housing Application.

Where do I find the Housing Application?

You can find the Housing Application on goBAYLOR or you can use the My Housing tab in the main menu above.

I cannot login to the Housing Application.

In order to login to the housing application, you must have already paid your Enrollment Deposit to Baylor. It can sometimes take 24 hours for this to process. You need to use your Bear ID, which is also used to sign into your Baylor email. Contact the Help Desk at 254-710-4357 if you are locked out. You also must establish your DUO two-factor authentication. If you are still having trouble, try a different web browser or try to sign in directly from our website on the “My Housing” tab.

The contract page will not accept my ID number as my signature?

Be sure you are using your Baylor ID number and not your Admissions Reference number. The Baylor ID number starts with “89” and is nine digits long. If you cannot find your Baylor ID number, check goBAYLOR or contact Admissions.

Can I make changes to my Housing Application?

Yes. Students can modify their Housing Application until May 1 by simply logging into My Housing.

I want to choose a specific First-Year Community (e.g. Collins, Kokernot, Penland) as my first preference. Can I do this?

Students will have the opportunity to select the community of their choice using the Choose Your Own Room feature in the application when that week opens. For now, simply select First-Year Community as one of the four preferences.

How can I learn more about Living-Learning Centers and Residential Colleges?

Information about the eight Living-Learning Centers and three Residential Colleges can be found on our website This information is also found within the Housing Application on the Community Information page.

I completed my Housing Application after May 1. How do I receive a housing assignment?

Campus Living & Learning will send housing assignments to students’ Baylor email accounts starting the second week of June.

I completed my Housing Application late. Will I be in temporary Expanded Occupancy Housing?

If you complete your Housing Application later in the spring or summer, there is a possibility that you will be assigned to a temporary Expanded Occupancy space until a permanent room becomes available. These spaces will be assigned late in the summer and students will see an Estimated Housing Charge on their account until the permanent housing rate is applied.

How do I cancel my Housing Application?

If you no longer plan to attend Baylor, cancel your admission through goBAYLOR and your Housing Application will automatically be cancelled.

Roommate Matching/Choose Your Own Room

How do I get to use the Choose Your Own Room and Roommate Matching features within the Housing Application?

If you complete your Housing Application on or before May 1, you will have access to both the Choose Your Own Room and Roommate Matching features. We are unfortunately not able to accept roommate requests from students whose application is completed after May 1; these students will receive a housing assignment in June.

How do I check the status of my Roommate and Community Assignment?

All students may check the status of their assignments and participate in the Roommate Matching and Choose Your Own Room process through their MyHousing portal.

When will roommate matching open?

Roommate matching will occur in May. The exact dates it opens and closes is located in your housing application.

Should my roommate and I select the same preferences within the Housing Application?

We highly encourage that students who wish to live together select the same preferences. The more preferences you have in common, the better the chances are that you will find a community with two open spaces for you to live together. Please be advised that if one student is approved for a community that the other student is not, the students will not be able to live together in that community.

What if I completed my Housing Application prior to May 1 but my preferred roommate completed it after May 1?

Both students who wish to live together must complete their Housing Application prior to May 1 to access Roommate Matching and select each other as roommates. If one roommate does not complete their Housing Application prior to May 1, their name will not appear in the Roommate Matching system.

I do not have a preferred roommate. Is that ok?

Yes. You can still use the Roommate Matching system to find a compatible roommate; however, if you do not wish to use Roommate Matching, you may select any available room/bed space in the community of your choice and learn about the other student who chooses that room by clicking on their profile.

I accepted a roommate request from another student through Roommate Matching, but now I want to change roommates. Can I do that?

We recommend that you inform your current assigned roommate that you wish to choose a different roommate. You can then decline the roommate request you previously accepted and search for a new roommate within the Roommate Matching section of the Housing Application. You cannot search for a new roommate before declining the previously accepted request. All roommate requests and confirmations must be complete by the posted end date on the housing application.

My roommate is no longer coming to Baylor. What do I do?

Simply return to the Roommate Matching page in the Housing Application to search for a different roommate. All roommate requests and confirmations must be complete by the posted end date on the housing application.

I completed my Housing Application after May 1. Can I still live with my preferred roommate?

Unfortunately, we are unable to accept roommate requests from students who complete their Housing Application after May 1.

What if I have a special housing accommodation request?

If you have a medical or psychological need for a specific type of accommodation, please contact the Office of Access and Learning Accommodation. This office will receive all the necessary documentation and make the request with our office.

How much do the rooms cost?

The rate for each style room can be found on our Room Types & Rates page. You can also see the rate for the room when you choose it in the housing portal.

How do I ensure my roommate and I get in the same room?

The roommate with the earliest timeslot should choose the room for the group. When you pick your room, you will also see a drop down box allowing you to assign your confirmed roommates. All students in the roommate group should check their housing portal to be sure they were assigned by their confirmed roommate before Choose Your Own Room week ends.

What room type is most common on campus?

The most common on-campus room type is a double room with community style bath.

Can I live in a single occupancy room?

If there are singles available in the community of your choice when you access Choose Your Own Room, then you may select that space. Please note that there are very few single rooms on campus.

What if I don’t see the room/room type I want when I go to choose my room?

If you do not see the specific room or room type you desire, it is because another student has booked it. Certain residence halls/room types are chosen fast, so you should begin the Choose Your Own Room process with a few ideas of what type of room you would like.

I have two preferred roommates, but I do not see any available triple rooms. What do we do?

We recommend that you look for a Double Room/Suite with a Shared Bath or Apartment Double Gold where multiple students can be suitemates.

Is it possible to switch my room after Choose Your Own Room week?

Yes. After all students are assigned in June, we will open Room Swap in the housing portal for all students to see any open rooms in their approved community. You may move yourself as many times as you desire in that allotted time. Please remember that you must also reassign your confirmed roommate (if you have one) if space is available. Notification of the beginning of Room Swap will go to your Baylor email.

Move 2 BU/Model Rooms/Vendors

Can I see a model room?

You may schedule a housing tour through Campus Visits during the academic year. On this tour, you will see two of our residence halls. We also have a model room open in every residence hall when you visit for Orientation.

Do I need to rent a loft? Can I bring my own loft?

For safety reasons, students may not bring their own lofts. To rent a loft, see our Preferred Vendors page. Only students in Alexander, Allen, Brooks College, Brooks Flats, Collins, Dawson, Kokernot, Heritage House, Texana House, and University House will need to consider bed lofts.

Can I bring a microwave or refrigerator?

Students may bring their own mini-fridge as long as it is no taller than 36 inches and no more than 1.5 amps. Students are not permitted to have a microwave in their room; however, a microfridge may be rented from our Preferred Vendors page. Only one mini-fridge or micro-fridge are allowed in each room. We suggest that you discuss this with your roommate prior to moving on campus.

What items should I pack and what items are prohibited?

Information about what to pack and what not to pack is available on our Move In page. You can also find this in the Guide to Community Living.

When will I know my move-in day?

Once students are assigned their residence hall, they will be able to learn their move-in day. This information is posted on our Move In page.

What should I expect on move-in day?

Baylor loves to welcome our new students! We have over 1000 volunteers on campus waiting for you to arrive at your residence hall. You will be issued a Hang-Tag through your housing portal in July which will get you access to campus on your move-in day and time. Our volunteers will be ready to receive you when you pull up to your residence hall and we will do all the heavy lifting, toting your boxes and belongings to your room. Be sure to label everything with your full name, residence hall, and room number so nothing gets lost.

What is a Hang-Tag and how do I get one?

Students may visit their housing portal in July to print off their Hang-Tag. All students moving to Baylor will need to display this Hang-Tag on their dashboard so that our traffic controllers on-campus can guide you to your residence hall on move-in day. You will need one for each vehicle travelling to campus.

I received my move-in timeslot but I can’t make it at that time. What do I do?

Students will receive their move-in timeslot on their housing portal. You also have the opportunity to change it on the portal. The only times available are from 8:00 am to noon as this is when our move-in volunteers will be on-campus ready to help you move-in.