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The Community Leader (CL) serves students in one of Baylor’s residential communities by exemplifying and implementing the values and policies of Campus Living & Learning. The CL provides leadership by fostering community and cultivating relationships, mentoring residents, and facilitating learning through efforts that integrate aspects of diversity, faith development, academics, and relationships.

Please contact Senior Coordinator for Recruitment, Training, and Advising Coleman Sulak at

Characteristics & Qualifications

A Community Leader must meet the following qualifications to serve in the position:

  • Must have an active and growing Christian faith demonstrated through, among other things, involvement with a local church.
  • Must complete the 2023-2024 on-campus housing contract.
  • Must maintain both a 2.50 cumulative and semester GPA while in the position. If the Community Leader’s GPA is below a 2.50, the Community Leader’s work agreement may be terminated.
  • Must pass LDS 3V01 with a grade of a B or higher.
Information Sessions

All interested applicants are required to watch a pre-recorded information session about the position. To review the information session, please go the CL Recruitment and Selection Canvas Course. You can self-enroll to watch the video. Candidates who apply but do not watch the information session will not be considered for the position.


Application Dates

Applications will open on September 12, 2022 and close October 15, 2022 at 11:59pm.



Community Leaders receive

  • room and board, as well as a graduated stipend based on years of service ($600 - $1400)Credited housing and LLC program costs
  • 170-meal block per semester