Grace Kim

Assistant Residence Hall Director - Collins Hall

What is your favorite part about being a Assistant Residence Hall Director?

My favorite part of being an ARHD is hearing the stories of the CLs and the residents and how their journey has shaped them into who they are now, all while creating a space of belonging and community within Collins. I get the unique opportunity to live in the same building and continuously encourage and support them and it’s so exciting!

What does authentic Christian community mean to you?

Authentic Christian community means living alongside one another through all the good and the bad. It means having a place to go when you need encouragement and prayer, but also a place where you can trust the people to call you out and keep you accountable for behavior that doesn’t reflect Christ. But at the forefront of authentic Christian community is Christ, and having a personal relationship with Christ. Authentic Christian community is a group of believers encouraging one another to become more like Christ.