Living-Learning Center Need-Based Scholarships

Living-Learning Centers (LLCs) offer students a unique living experience by placing students among peers with similar academic and other interests. Research on LLCs shows that the programs help students earn higher grades and feel more satisfied with their university experience. Need-based scholarships are available for qualifying members of one of the three LLCs identified below. Scholarships are for $3,000 per year ($1,500/semester) and renewable for three additional years for a total scholarship package of $12,000 based on student involvement. For those entering Baylor in fall 2019 or later, need is determined by the results of the CSS Profile. Students must also complete a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) each year to demonstrate financial need.


Living-Learning Center Scholarships:

  • Baylor & Beyond Living-Learning Center - 40 scholarships available

    Retaining LLC Scholarships After The First Year:

    Students may maintain their scholarship by selecting one or more experiences designed to further develop student knowledge, skills, and leadership. Full details are provided at Student Engagement Scholarship web page below. 


    Student Engagement Scholarship:

    The Student Engagement Scholarship increases the quality of students’ experience by assisting with the cost of attending Baylor and by supporting opportunities for students to develop life skills, build friendships, and learn outside the classroom. Click here for more information.