Kerri Jensen

Residence Hall Director - Collins Hall

What is your favorite part about being a Residence Hall Director?

I love the small moments! We never know who we will bump into in the hallway or who will walk into our offices and end up chatting for a long time. Community does not exist within the limits of scheduled events, rather it forms by doing life together. When we live and work in such close proximity to others, we get the opportunities to develop so much more than superficial relationships. Small meaningful moments can change the course of someone's day, someone's year, and even someone's life.

What does authentic Christian community mean to you?

To me authentic Christian community means being present with one another in all situations whether that be physically or in spirit through prayer. Community members should feel free to be themselves knowing their Christian family will be there to support and challenge them as needed in order to help each person grow closer to God and closer to each other.