Faculty in Residence
Dr. Beth Allison Barr Dr. Beth Allison Barr Allen/Dawson Halls Associate Professor and Graduate Program Director, History Beth_Barr@baylor.edu Ph.D. Medieval History, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
M.A. Medieval History, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
B.A. History, Baylor University
Dr. Clay Butler Dr. Clay Butler Martin Hall Senior Lecturer, English Clay_Butler@baylor.edu Ph.D. Modern Languages, University of Texas
M.A. Modern Languages, University of Texas
B.A. Foreign Service, Baylor University
Dr. Candi Cann Dr. Candi Cann Texana House Associate Professor, Baylor Interdisciplinary Core & Religion Candi_Cann@baylor.edu Ph.D. Comparative Religion, Harvard University
M.A. Comparative Religion, Harvard University
M.A. Asian Religions, University of Hawaii at Manoa
B.A. Asian Studies and English, St. Andrews in North Carolina
Dr. Mona Choucair Dr. Mona Choucair South Russell Senior Lecturer, School of Education & English Mona_Choucair@baylor.edu Ph.D. English, Baylor Univeristy
M.A. English, University of Dallas
B.A. English, Baylor University
Dr. Robert Creech Dr. Robert Creech University House Professor, Christian Ministries in Truett Seminary and Director of Pastoral Ministries Robert_Creech@baylor.edu Ph.D. New Testament, Baylor University
M.Div. Southwest Baptist Theological Seminary
B.A. Sociology, Houston Baptist University
B.A. Christianity, Houston Baptist University
Brian Elliott Brian Elliott Heritage House Senior Lecturer, Film & Digital Media Brian_Elliott@baylor.edu M.A. Communication Studies, Baylor University
B.A. Religion, Baylor University
Dr. Jennifer Good Dr. Jennifer Good North Russell Associate Professor, Modern Languages & Cultures (German) and Director of University Scholars Jennifer_Good@baylor.edu Ph.D. German Literature & Film, University of Massachusetts Amherst
M.A. German Literature & Pedagogy, University of Iowa
Dr. Devan Jonklaas Dr. Devan Jonklaas Earle Hall Senior Lecturer, Chemistry and Biochemistry Mark_Jonklaas@baylor.edu Ph.D. Organic Chemistry, Baylor University
B.A> Chemistry, Taylor University
Dr. Bob Kane Dr. Bob Kane University Parks Associate Professor, Chemistry & Biochemistry and Director of the Institute of Biomedical Studies Bob_Kane@baylor.edu Ph.D. Chemistry, Texas Tech University
B.S. Chemistry, Texas Lutheran University
Dr. Nicole McAninch Dr. Nicole McAninch Kokernot Senior Lecturer, Child and Family Studies Nicole_McAninch@baylor.edu Ph.D. Family Studies, Texas Woman's University
M.A. Social Work, Baylor University
B.S. Social Work, Baylor University
Dr. Kelli McMahan Dr. Kelli McMahan Penland Hall Associate Clinical Professor, Recreation and Leisure Services Kelli_McMahan@baylor.edu Ph.D. Recreation, Park and Tourism Sciences, Texas A&M
M.S. Health, Recreation, and Physical Education, Oklahoma State University
B.S. Education, Baylor University
Dr. Rishi Sriram Dr. Rishi Sriram Brooks Residential College Associate Professor, Educational Administration and Program Coordinator of Higher Education & Student Affairs Rishi_Sriram@baylor.edu Ph.D. Higher Education, Azusa Pacific University
M.S. Higher Education & Student Affairs, Baylor University
B.A. English, Baylor University
Brian Thomas Brian Thomas Teal Residential College Senior Lecturer, Electrical & Computer Engineering Brian_Thomas@baylor.edu MEE Electrical Engineering, University of Houston
BS Physics, Stephen F. Austin State University
Dr. Jason Whitt Dr. Jason Whitt Alexander/Memorial Halls Senior Lecturer, Honors Program Jason_Whitt@baylor.edu Ph.D. Theology & Ethics, Duke University
M.Div. Duke University
B.A. Political Science, University of California Riverside
Dr. Scott Wilde Dr. Scott Wilde Brooks Flats Senior Lecturer, Mathematics Scott_Wilde@baylor.edu Ph.D. Mathematics, Washington State University
M.S. Mathematics, Washington State University
B.A. Mathematics, Eastern Washington University