Move Out

Move-Out Date:
You must move out 24 hours after your last final exam or by Friday, May 13 at noon, whichever comes first.
Extended Stay
If you need to stay past Friday, May 13 at noon due to participating in commencement, you may complete an Extended Stay Request form. Extended Stay Request forms are available beginning Wednesday, April 20 and are due by Thursday, May 5. To complete the form, go to your MyHousing portal → Forms → Extended Stay Request form.
General Procedures

Move-Out Process
  • Thoroughly clean your room/apartment
  • Take all trash to the dumpster
  • Move all belongings out of your room and residence hall
  • Return university furniture to its original setting and location
  • Return your mail key and submit a forwarding address at the Mail Center
  • Check out with your Community Leader

Move-Out Timeline
  • Friday, May 6: 24-hour quiet hours begin
  • Friday, May 6: Study Day
  • Saturday, May 7 –Thursday, May 12: Final Exams
  • Friday, May 13: Residence Halls close at 12 pm
  • Saturday, May 14 at 2 pm: Residence Halls close for students participating in commencement that were approved for an Extended Stay

When vacating their room, students should return all furniture to its original location. Residents should thoroughly clean the room and remove any decals, tape, sticky tack, etc. from the inside and outside of the room, door, and closet woodwork. Residents may check out a broom or vacuum cleaner at the front desk; however there is a limited supply of these items and there may be a waitlist. Students are responsible for the cleanliness of their room regardless of the availability of cleaning items at the front desk and are advised to plan accordingly. All trash and abandoned items should be taken to the nearest outdoor dumpster. If the dumpster is full, trash should be bagged and placed next to the dumpster.

The following areas of each room will be inspected for cleanliness and damage:
  • Bookshelves
  • Window sills
  • Desk drawers
  • Chest of drawers
  • Closet shelves
  • Desk and chair
  • Walls
  • Floors
  • Sinks, mirrors, medicine cabinets
  • Kitchen appliances (apartments only)
  • Bathroom sinks, toilets, and showers (suites, private baths, and apartments only)

Any questions about the check-out process can be directed to the Community Leader or Residence Hall Director.

Summer Storage

When move-out time arrives the inevitable question asked is, “What do I do with all my stuff?” Whether for a few weeks or the entire summer, students are faced with the challenge of renting a storage unit or hauling or borrowing a truck, or paying for more storage space than needed. Campus Crates from The UPS Store has a solution with Summer Storage! Campus Crates will pick up students’ items, store them in climate-controlled warehouse, and deliver them to the new residence. To make this service even sweeter, Campus Crates gives you the storage boxes for free! For students returning to campus their items will be waiting for them in their room when they arrive. Campus Crates is located across the street from campus on 8th street. Check out details and secure your spot for free at Campus Crates or call 254-300-8641.

Don't Forget!
  • Leave your mail key and a mail forwarding address with the Mail Center.
  • Take your bicycle or electric scooter with you.