JD Newman

Residence Hall Director - Martin Hall

What is your favorite part about being an Residence Hall Director?

There is nothing quite like working with students within a residential community. College is such a formative time in the life of students, and the residence hall is where many students are being formed outside of the classroom. I love that I get to participate in that process with students. By working in a residence hall, I am given a backstage pass to some of the most formative moments in a student's life: choosing a major, discerning calling, grieving death, and celebrating victories both large and small. The life and community of residential living is truly unique and transformational, and I relish the opportunity to be a part of it each day.

What does authentic Christian community mean to you?

From the very genesis of Christianity, those who followed Christ have asked what it means to be in community together. I think we are created to live in community with each other, and something within us longs for that togetherness. But community is difficult and scary and risky. People can hurt us. We live in a culture today where we can easily build walls and separate ourselves from others in order to protect ourselves from being vulnerable. But I think what we see in the New Testament is a group of people who embraced the vulnerability that Christ emulated, and because of that experienced real and vibrant community. That community may seem elusive today, but it is possible when a group of people are willing to let down their guard and be authentic and vulnerable with others, and embrace one another in our mutual weakness.