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University House

University House, one of three houses in North Village, is home to more than 150 upper-division and first-year male residents of all majors. The hall staff supports residents as they get involved on-campus and explore their academic pursuits. Events and activities at University House help residents to build strong friendships and grow and strengthen their faith journey. University House is located near Moody Memorial Library.

Types of Rooms

Meet our Team
Ian Philbrick Ian Philbrick North Village Residence Hall Director Ian_Philbrick@baylor.edu 254-292-7028
Luke Waldbillig Luke Waldbillig University House Graduate Apprentice Residence Hall Director Luke_Waldbillig1@baylor.edu 254-292-7050
Aaron Loachamin Aaron Loachamin University House and Texana House Resident Chaplain Aaron_Loachamin2@baylor.edu
Brent Phillips Brent Phillips University House Faculty in Residence Brent_Phillips@baylor.edu