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Teal Residential College

Teal Residential College, one of the two communities comprising East Village, is home to over 350 male and female residents whose majors are engineering, computer science, or pre-nursing. The TRC experience develops its residents to be men and women of strong faith and sound reason as they pursue academic goals, build relationships, and strengthen their spiritual walk. Teal Residential College is located near the Student Life Center.

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Meet our Team
Delacy Carpenter Delacy Carpenter Teal Residential College Residence Hall Director Delacy_Carpenter@baylor.edu 254-292-7712
Brian Thomas Brian Thomas Teal Residential College Residential College Faculty Steward Brian_Thomas@baylor.edu
Shayla Hubert Shayla Hubert Teal Residential College Resident Chaplain Shayla_Hubert1@baylor.edu