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Brooks Residential College

Brooks Residential College is home to more than 350 male and female residents of all classifications and majors. Residents enjoy on-site resources, such as the Henry Library, the Robbins Chapel, the Brooks College classroom, and the Great Hall for dining, along with deeply held community traditions to enrich their spiritual, emotional, and intellectual development. Brooks Residential College is located near the Baylor Bookstore.

Types of Rooms

Meet our Team
Teddi Pinson Teddi Pinson Brooks Residential College Resident Chaplain Teddi_Pinson@baylor.edu
Dr. Rishi Sriram Dr. Rishi Sriram Brooks Residential College Residential College Faculty Steward Rishi_Sriram@baylor.edu
Christie Turnbull Christie Turnbull Brooks Residential College Administrative Assistant Christie_Turnbull@baylor.edu 254-292-7007
Katie Windham Katie Windham Brooks College Residence Hall Director Katie_Windham@baylor.edu 254-292-7047
Rachel Olson Rachel Olson Brooks Residential College Graduate Assistant Residence
Hall Director
Rachel_Olson1@baylor.edu 254-292-7047