Teal Residential College

Teal Residential College is designed to foster a balance between serious intellectual pursuits and social interaction both in the classroom and living room. This environment is geared towards high quality students who believe in community and who are dedicated to learning outside of just the lecture setting. It also encourages close interaction with fellow students, as well as professors.

Though our College offers preferential admission to aspiring engineers, computer scientists, and nurses, students from a diversity of majors live here serving in positions of leadership and weaving their unique strengths and characteristics into the fabric of the community. Teal Residential College is perfect for pre-professional students who want to embrace education at the highest level.

Meet our Team
Sarah Miller Sarah Miller Teal Residential College Program Director Sarah_B_Miller@baylor.edu
Brian Thomas Brian Thomas Teal Residential College Residential College Faculty Steward Brian_Thomas@baylor.edu