Baylor & Beyond

The Baylor & Beyond LLC will provide future students with a meaningful on-campus living experience. Students will be immersed in Baylor culture and traditions, while also thinking broadly about their other communities across campus, the city, the state and in the world. In addition to connecting students’ educational experiences to their academic and creative strengths beyond the classroom, students will be encouraged to develop cultural competency for worldwide leadership through service to others, language acquisition, mission and study-abroad opportunities, and undergraduate research both local and international.

The Baylor & Beyond LLC officially opened in August of 2015 as a stem from its predecessor, the Global Community LLC. With a fully renovated building in North Russell Hall of 366 spaces, the Baylor & Beyond LLC is 90% freshman and 10% upperclassmen. This hall also has its own study spaces, game room, full kitchen, reflection room, and classroom.

North Russell Hall - Baylor & Beyond LLC

Meet our Team
Leia Duncan Leia Duncan Baylor & Beyond LLC Program Director
Dr. Joe Coker Dr. Joe Coker North Russell, Baylor and Beyond Living Learning Center Faculty in Residence