First-Year Students

First-Year Communities
First Year Communities have a strong sense of community, whether there are less than 200 residents or up to 600 residents. These residence halls offer first-year students an opportunity to meet and live with other first-year students with different interests and backgrounds. Students are able to learn and grow with each other through their first year at Baylor as they find their place in the Baylor Line. First Year Community Housing Contracts are for one academic year and may not be renewed.

Living-Learning Centers

Living-Learning Centers are communities that are organized around an academic program or discipline. Students of all classifications with the same major or similar interests can live and learn together in one of Baylor's many Living-Learning Centers. These communities offer specialized programming, cohort classes, and a Faculty in Residence to help enrich the community. Living-Learning Center Housing Contracts are for one academic year and may be renewed.

Residential Colleges

Residential Colleges are faculty-led communities that foster academic excellence, intensive faculty-student interaction, and rich culture steeped in Baylor tradition. The three Residential Colleges at Baylor offer a special sense of community through community dinners, morning and evening prayer, and Master's Teas hosted by the Faculty Master of the community. Residential College Housing Contracts are for two consecutive academic years and may be renewed.