People to Know

Hall Director Staff

Residence Hall Directors
Residence Hall Directors are full-time master's level professionals who live in the residential communities. These staff members supervise the Community Leaders and work to create an environment that promotes academic success, physical safety, and authentic community. The RHD's offices can be found in common areas of their communities. Hall Directors are excited to get to know residents and make their residential experience a positive one.
Assistant Residence Hall Directors
Assistant Residence Hall Directors are full-time professional staff members who live in the two largest residential communities. The ARHD partners with the Residence Hall Director in overseeing the hall community and is also available to support residents.
Graduate Residence Hall Directors
Graduate Apprentice Residence Hall Directors are full-time graduate students in the Higher Education and Student Affairs program These students are completing an apprenticeship in addition to their studies and live in the residential communities. They also assist and partner with the Residence Hall Director and are an important resource available to residents.

Resident Chaplain

The Resident Chaplains are Truett Seminary students working on a master's degree to prepare them for the ministry. They live in the residential communities and are responsible for assisting residents in spiritual formation and providing a pastoral presence in the communities.

Central Office Staff

The Central Office work together to manage on-campus housing assignments, academic initiatives, resident learning, and administrative processes. Central Office works closely with students to help them find the right community and answer any questions along the way. Central Office staff can also facilitate any necessary hall or room changes once approved by the Residence Hall Director. The Central Office staff members work very closely with hall directors to make the on-campus living experience as successful as possible for all students.

Faculty in Residence

These faculty members live in apartments located within our Living-Learning Program areas. Faculty in the program have a unique perspective on student life and opportunities to interact with students in learning outside the classroom. Students living in these halls have the opportunity to develop friendships and mentoring relationships with these faculty members and their families. Faculty Stewards are faculty-in-residence who live in Residential Colleges, providing leadership for the community and cultivating scholastic pursuits within the College.

Living-Learning Program Director

Living-Learning Program Directors are full-time masters’ level staff member who work in the Residential College (RC) or Living-Learning Center (LLC) and is responsible for facilitating the programmatic aspects of the program. A program director works closely with the Residence Hall Director, Faculty-in-Residence, Resident Chaplain, and student leaders to ensure that the articulated aspirations for learning are realized through the student experience.