Campus Living & Learning

Living on campus at Baylor, you will experience a supportive Christian environment with people and services in place to help you achieve personal growth and academic success. You will have the opportunity to build significant relationships that will transform your life forever. You will experience what it means to be a part of something much bigger than yourself - a community.

Our Mission

Campus Living & Learning creates diverse residential environments that support learning and faith development through relationally driven communities.


In Campus Living & Learning (CL&L), we hold deeply to the conviction that living and learning are inseparable pursuits and that faculty involvement is vital for the success of our residential communities. We believe that the best learning occurs through intentional efforts to create an atmosphere of academic pursuit in our residence halls. In accordance with this belief, CL&L's resolve is to support and create residential environments that are:

  • Conduits for Christian spiritual formation that foster the genuine pursuit of a relationship with God
  • Connections to intellectual growth and support for the academic mission of Baylor University
  • Places that encourage dialogue about student differences and foster relationships across socioeconomic, racial, ethnic, and religious lines
  • Communities of relationally authentic friendships where students pursue their vocation and calling through the exploration of strengths
Our Promise

Students will experience a community that enables them to author the life they have been called to live.