Preferred Vendors

MicroFridge® with Safeplug® by Collegiate Concepts, INC.

MicroFridge is the only combination food storage and cooking unit that meets the regulations for residence halls and the only microwave unit allowed for use in non-apartment residence halls. True zero-degree freezer provides long-term frozen food storage, and Safe Plug circuitry limits electrical draw to only 10 amps, reducing the risk of circuit overloads. All units use only one wall socket to operate all three appliances. Quantities are limited, so rent or purchase your MicroFridge today at

Tide University Laundry

Baylor Campus Living and Learning has partnered with Tide Cleaners to offer you laundry service. The Baylor experience is full of once-in-a-lifetime opportunities; by enrolling in Tide Cleaners’ wash n’ fold service, you save up to 80 more hours over the academic year to invest in academics and campus life. Tide Cleaners is offered as a more time conscious solution than do-it-yourself laundry. We recommend you register for service and invest the time you save into something that makes your Baylor experience incredible. Students, and faculty bring dirty laundry to attended service trucks parked conveniently outside of residence halls. Tide Cleaners separates by color, then washes, dries, and folds your clothes into a tidy package for return to campus two days later. Service runs August - May. To learn more please visit the Tide Cleaners website at Payment for wash n’ fold service will be handled separately by Tide Cleaners, a Procter & Gamble company.

If you have any questions, please contact Tide Cleaners directly at (888) 590-9274.

Bed Lofts & Room Carpets by Collegiate Bed Loft Company

A bed loft will provide you more floor space by making room for a futon, hammock, desk or additional storage space under your bed. Bed lofts, which include one side rail are installed before you arrive and removed after move-out next spring. Lease a bed loft for the school year for $299 if you place your order before July 5th and get the Early Bird Special pricing. Orders after July 5th are $329. Supplies are limited so order early.

Collegiate Bed Loft Company also offers room carpets in a variety of sizes and colors. Carpets are installed before move-in. Carpets are bound on all four sides and sizes range from 5’x8’ to 12’x12’. Frieze style carpets are available in beige and gray. Buy a carpet at discounted student prices starting at $119 installed. Prices go up after July 5th. Order your bed loft and/or carpet at Call (512) 577-9928 with any questions.

Linen Packages by SWAKU

SWAK University Services has everything students and families need to outfit the residence hall room. Go to to build your perfect room from a huge selection of twin XL sheet sets, comforters, blankets, storage solutions, bath essentials, rugs, trunks and more. SWAKU is the one stop shop for room outfitting and it can all be done from the comfort of home. Order early to ensure availability of popular products.

Care Packages by SWAKU

SWAK University Services also offers care packages for events throughout the academic year. It is easy to stay in touch with your student during those important events such as Welcome to Campus, Fall and Spring Finals, Halloween and more. Choose from a wide variety of pre-built packages, or build a package from scratch using SWAKU’s “Build Your Own” menu. You can also buy a pre-built package and add from the build your own menu to keep your student stocked up on staples like ramen, mac n cheese and popcorn for the entire year. Go to to place your order for the event(s) of your choice throughout the year.

Ship-to-School & Summer Storage by Campus Crates partnered with The UPS Store

Imagine pulling up to campus on Move-In Day with no stress, no boxes to unload or items to carry other than your coffee! All of your items will be neatly stacked waiting for you in your campus residence. Our Ship-to-School program allows students moving to Waco to ship their items to us ahead of time. We store those items in climate-controlled storage and place them in the student's residence before they move in. We accept online vendor packages and can even ship you a free stack of boxes to send back to us!

When move-out time arrives the inevitable question asked is, “What do I do with all my stuff?” Whether for a few weeks or the entire summer, students are faced with the challenge of renting a storage unit, borrowing a truck, or paying for more storage space than needed. Campus Crates partnered with The UPS Store has a solution with Summer Storage! We pick up students’ items, store them in our climate-controlled facility, and deliver them to your new residence. To make this service even sweeter we give you the storage boxes for free! For students returning to campus, your items will be waiting for them in their room when they arrive. We are located across the street from campus on 8th street. Check out details and secure your spot for free at or call 254-300-8641.