General Safety

Campus Living & Learning understands the growing importance of safety issues to both Baylor students and parents. The immediate physical safety and security of students, guests, staff, and other customers is our most imperative and basic concern.

Community Safety Measures

Campus Living & Learning is committed to providing a safe environment for our residents, staff members, and visitors. Our efforts include external door security, visitation hours, Safety & Security Education Officers, and much more.

Baylor University Police Department

The police department is staffed by 27 state of Texas certified police officers and the communications center has a police dispatcher on duty 24/7 to take calls for police service or assistance. You can contact them anytime at 254-710-2222.

Bacterial Meningitis

Effective January 1, 2014, all new students under the age of 22 must show proof of meningococcal vaccination within the last 5 years according to Texas state law in order to attend class.

Fire Safety on Campus

It is important for residents to be familiar with emergency protocol in the event of a fire. Read More to learn how students can keep our communities safe.

Campus Security Report

In compliance with federal law, this report is sent annually to all students, faculty, and staff. This notice contains information that the University is legally required to convey to you; you are strongly encouraged to read it.