Current Students

Living on campus at Baylor provides students with opportunities to develop great friendships, grow academically, and deepen their faith. Continue your on-campus experience by living in an Upper-Division Community, Living-Learning Center, or Residential College. Campus Living & Learning makes it easy for you to select your own room and your roommates through the online My Housing portal. Due to the limited number of on-campus spaces for returning students next academic year (2022-2023), Campus Living & Learning cannot guarantee housing to all returning students.

The Process

Beginning December 1st, all on-campus and off-campus students will have access to Reapply to live on-campus for next academic year (2022-2023). Students interested in living in a Living Learning Program should let the Program Director know of their interest. Students who have not been approved to Reapply to live in a Living Learning Program will have access to Upper Division Housing. During Reapplication, students will fill out the Housing Application, sign the Housing Contract, and Choose their Room within their approved community. After students sign the Housing Contract, they will have 72 hours to cancel their contract.

Living-Learning Centers & Residential Colleges

If you are applying to a Living-Learning Center or Residential College for the first time or transferring programs, you must contact the Program Director for approval to Reapply into that community. If the Program Director approves your Reapplication, he or she will provide your information to Campus Living & Learning which will give you access to book housing within that community. Students must contact Program Directors by November 26th. Students will receive an answer from the Program Director by November 29th. Program questionnaires can be found at the links above.

If you live in a Residential College and are under a two-year Housing Contract agreement, you must participate in Reapplication. If you fail to complete Reapplication, you may be assigned to housing outside of your Residential College for next academic year (2022-2023).

Roommate Groups

Campus Living & Learning enables students to form Roommate Groups to complete Reapplication. Students may begin forming Roommate Groups on December 1st when they complete the housing application. Within the portal, students can invite other students to join their roommate group. If you are wanting a group of more than 2, each member will need to be added and then they can join the group. Once the roommate group is formed and all students have joined, any student within the group can book all students within the group. Due to limited spaces, Campus Living and Learning cannot guarantee that sufficient space will be available for all roommate groups. Roommate Groups are not prioritized over individual applicants.