Current Students

Living on campus at Baylor provides students with opportunities to develop great friendships, grow academically, and deepen their faith. Continue your on-campus experience by living in an Upper-Division Community, Living-Learning Center, or Residential College. Campus Living & Learning makes it easy for you to select your own room and your roommates through the online My Housing portal. Simply follow the instructions to secure your space for the next academic year.

The Process

At the beginning of November, Campus Living & Learning will email you your assigned day and time slot to Choose Your Own Room based on the number of credit hours you have earned. After you Choose Your Own Room, you will be asked to agree to the 2021-2022 Housing Contract, which secures your space on campus for the 2021-2022 academic year.

Current On-Campus Students

Tuesday, November 10 - Students with ~80 or more credit hours
Wednesday, November 11 - Students with ~40 or more credit hours
Thursday, November 12 - Students with ~0 or more credit hours
Friday, November 13 - Students with ~0 or more credit hours

After you have signed the Housing Contract and Intent to Live On-Campus, you have 72 hours to cancel your contract if you choose to. At that time, all contracts are legally binding. You will still be able to select a room or change your room before or after the contract binding date.

Current Off-Campus Students

Monday, November 23 - Room Selection opens to all off campus students - no timeslots are assigned.

Living-Learning Centers & Residential Colleges

If you are applying to a Living-Learning Center or Residential College for the first time or transferring programs, you must complete the program’s application to be considered. If the Program Director approves your application, he or she will provide you with instructions to Choose Your Own Room in that community. These applications are due by Tuesday, October 20, 2020. You will receive an answer from the program director by Thursday, October 30, 2020. Program questionnaires can be found in the links above.

If you are reapplying to your current Living-Learning Center or Residential College, your Program Director will provide you with instructions. You will receive your date and time in an email from Campus Living & Learning to Choose Your Own Room.

Roommate Groups

Campus Living & Learning enables students to form Roommate Groups to complete Reapplication. Students may begin forming Roommate Groups on Friday, November 1st. Within the portal, the roommate with the most credit hours or earliest timeslot will create a Roommate Group by adding a person. This will create a group. If you are wanting a group of more than 2, each member will need to be added and then they can join the group. The group member with the earliest timeslot will assign all members of the group in the Choose Your Own Room process of the application.