How to Apply for Housing

  1. Apply and be accepted to Baylor University.
  2. Submit the non-refundable $500 enrollment deposit in goBAYLOR.
  3. Enroll with DUO Two-Factor authentication. This is required in order to access the Housing Application.
  4. Submit Proof of Bacterial Meningitis Vaccination (more information in GoBAYLOR). Currently, proof of Bacterial Meningitis Vaccination is not required to submit your Housing Application. However, you will need to submit proof of vaccination before moving into your campus housing assignment.
  5. Submit your housing application. You can return to the application to make changes using GoBAYLOR or the My Housing link in the main menu above.
    Note: Completing your Housing Application on or before June 1, allows you to access Roommate Matching and Choose Your Own Room. Students who complete the Housing Application after June 1 are guaranteed housing and will receive their assignment the second week of June.
  6. The Housing Application requires you to select your top four preferences of communities in which you would like to live. These include the three Residential Colleges, the eight Living-Learning Centers, and the First-Year Communities.
    Note: When selecting your preferences, you will not be able to select a specific First Year Community (e.g. Collins, Kokernot, Penland, Martin, etc). If these halls are in your top four preferences, please select First-Year Community as a category.
  7. Complete the short-answer questions in 2-3 sentences telling us why you would like to live in each of the communities you selected. Responses will be evaluated by the Program Director of the community you selected. If approved, you will continue to the next step.
    Note: Approvals will be distributed the second week of June.
  8. Participate in Roommate Matching in late June.
  9. Participate in Choose Your Own Room on one of our Choose Your Own Room days starting June 22 and ending the first week of July. You will be notified of your assigned date and time slot for Online Room Self-Selection in June.
  10. Check the status of your application, community approval, or roommate matches anytime through the My Housing link at
  11. Students who do not participate in Choose Your Own Room will be assigned to an available room by the Campus Living & Learning staff. Students will be notified of their housing assignment the second week of July.