Housing Rates

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Rates shown are per SEMESTER

Room Types

Room types within the residence halls are based upon their amenities. These amenities are the number of students within a bedroom, the type of bathroom, and if the room is a full apartment with a kitchen. For a full list of room types and locations please view the Housing Rate sheet.

Room Type Descriptions
Single: Any room with one assigned student and no roommates within the student's room.
Double: Any room with two assigned students who share the room space.
Triple: Any room with three assigned students who share the room space.
Shared Bath: A room that shares a bathroom with a small group of other students.
Private Bath: A room with a bathroom that is designated for one student's use.
Room/Suite: A room with a shared living space and bathroom or a double room with a shared bath.
Apartment Single: A room with a kitchen and bathroom. You have your own bedroom but there may be 1-5 students residing in the Apartment.
Apartment Double: A room with a kitchen and bathroom. You share the bedroom with 1 other student but there may be 2-6 students residing in the apartment.
Gold Apartment: An apartment that is differentiated by location and some outside amenities.
Green Apartment: An apartment that is differentiated by location and some outside amenities.

Special Rates

Double-as-a-Single Rate
Students who are assigned a double room but do not have a roommate may opt to secure their double room as a single. The rate for this option is 1.5 times the current double rate and will appear on a student's account as an additional charge equal to one-half their current room charge. This option is only available to students after the beginning of a semester.

This special rate is available only as space allows and by direction of the Assistant Director for Administrative Services. The start date and deadline to request a Double-as-a-Single is communicated via email to students' email accounts.

A student who opts not to pay the additional charge to secure the room as a single should be prepared to receive a new roommate at any time during the semester. Historically, residence halls are at highest capacity during the fall semester.

Expanded Housing Rate
Students who are assigned an expanded housing room rate are temporarily assigned to that space. The room is not typically utilized for student housing. Occupancy ranges from four to six residents, depending on the size of the living space. Temporary rooms are provided fully-furnished and students assigned to these spaces are charged the expanded housing rate. All efforts will be made to quickly remove students from expanded housing and relocated to their permanent space. Upon moving to their permanent space they would be charged a pro-rated amount for the expanded housing rate and the new rate from that time forward.

NOTE ’ All freshmen who reside on campus have mandatory board. For meal plan options and requirement details, please see our Meal Plan options page.