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Kevin Funderburk


funderburk Morrison 334
Tel: (254) 710-7935
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  • Ph.D., Ancient History, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, 2013
  • M.A., Classics, University of Colorado, Boulder, 2007
  • B.A. History and Classics with Honors, Baylor University, 2005

Specialties and Interests

  • Roman history; Ancient relational dynamics and family history; Documentary papyrology; Egypt under the Ptolemies and Romans; Ancient letters, sermons and tractates as social history; Josephus and Greco-Roman universal history; Ancient Mediterranean kingship and political concepts


  • Dissertation: “Defining Love and Duty in Roman Egypt: a relational approach to the negotiation of family obligations,” defended May 23rd, 2013. Cam Grey, adviser

Book Reviews

  • Review of New Documents Illustrating Early Christianity, vol. X, ed. S.R. Llewelyn, J.R. Harrison and E.J. Budge, for the Bryn Mawr Classical Review

Recent Papers

  • “Priests facing the Roman regime: debt, land and the urban-rural divide,” 27th International Congress of Papyrology, July 31st 2013, Warsaw
  • “Divine birthdays and family obligations in Roman Egypt,” American Philological Association, January 2013, Seattle, WA
  • “The Advantages of the Epistle: Egeria’s Itinerarium,” Classical Association of the Middle West and South 2011, Grand Rapids, MI
  • “Failure to Engage the Sicilian Periphery: Eryx and Motya,” Program in the Ancient World (PAW) conference, Princeton and Oxford Universities January, 2010
  • “Jerome, Jews and theological incoherence,” Classical Association of the Middle West and South 2006, Gainesville, FL