Classics and Classical Education in the Black Community

Saturday, November 5, 2022

Morning Schedule

9:00-9:20:  Gather in Cashion 506
9:20-9:25:  Welcome from Julia Hejduk
9:25-9:30:  Welcome from Provost Nancy Brickhouse
9:30-10:15:  Angel Adams Parham, “A DuBoisian Vision for Today’s Classical Education”
10:15-10:30:  Break
10:30-11:15:  Eric Ashley Hairston, “Education and Identity in Classica Africana
11:15-noon:  Allannah Karas, “Mixed Media: Black American Artists and the Classical Tradition”

Lunch: noon-1:30

Afternoon Schedule

1:30-2:15:  Patrice Rankine, “Performance and the Problem of Blackness: Wole Soyinka’s Bacchae in 1970s America”
2:15-3:00:  Anika Prather, “Narrative of Hope: How Classical Education Helped African Americans Find Their Place in America’s History”
3:00-3:15:  Break
3:15-4:00:  Plenary panel
4:00-5:00:  Reception

Department of Classics

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One Bear Place #97352
Waco, TX 76798

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