B.A. in Greek and Roman Studies

Thirty semester hours, fifteen of which must be at the 3000-4000 level, including the following:

A. Classical Literature (6 hours): CLA 2301 or CLA 2306; CLA 2302

B. Classical Civilization (6 hours): CLA 3301 and 3302

C. Material Culture (3 hours): CLA 3321, CLA 3352, CLA 3353, or CLA 4331

D. Religious and Intellectual Life (3 hours): CLA 2310, BIC 2330, GTX 2301, PSC 3363, or PHI 3310

E. Electives. The remaining twelve hours of coursework may include:

This program is appropriate for students with a general interest in antiquity who seek a strong multidisciplinary humanities background, or who seek a broad background prior to advanced study in a related academic discipline or pursuit of a professional degree. Students intending to pursue graduate study in the field of Classics are advised to choose the Classics major.

Department of Classics

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