Post-Baccalaureate Program

Program Overview

The post-baccalaureate certificate program allows students with a bachelor’s degree to pursue an intensive course of study in classical languages. The certificate program is especially well suited for current or aspiring teachers who seek to improve their language proficiency, and for students who plan to pursue graduate study in Classics or a related field. Students in the program enjoy small classes and close mentoring from faculty who are committed to forming outstanding scholars and teachers.

Certificate Options

The certificate program is designed to be as flexible as possible in order to allow students to take courses that will meet their academic and professional goals and interests. Students work with the Director of the Post-Baccalaureate Program to design an appropriate course of study. We offer four certificate options:

  1. Certificate of Proficiency in Greek - 6 semester hours at the 3000 level or above
  2. Certificate of Mastery in Greek - 12 semester hours at the 3000 level or above
  3. Certificate of Proficiency in Latin - 6 semester hours at the 3000 level or above
  4. Certificate of Mastery in Latin - 12 semester hours at the 3000 level or above

Students must achieve a grade of B or better in order for a course to count toward the total number of semester hours required for the certificate. Beginning and intermediate courses may be taken as needed to reach the advanced level, but these courses do not count toward the semester hours required for the certificate. Students are also encouraged to take additional coursework in Classics and related fields.

Tuition and Fees

The cost of the program is $1300 per three-hour course.

Baylor and Waco

Chartered by the Republic of Texas in 1845, Baylor University is the oldest continuously operating institution of higher learning in Texas and one of the oldest coeducational universities in the United States. A private Christian university and a nationally ranked research institution, Baylor fosters a vibrant and diverse community of scholars. Located on the banks of the Brazos River in the heart of Texas, Waco is situated 100 miles south of Dallas and 100 miles north of Austin. The city of Waco has a very low cost of living in comparison to almost any geographic location in the country. This thriving college town is home to a dozen museums, a fine symphony, a natural habitat zoo, a cultural and historic district, and a flourishing downtown with restaurants, shopping, and apartments.


All applications are read by a departmental committee. Preference will be given to students with at least six semester hours of each language in which the student seeks a certificate. Students who wish to begin their language study at Baylor are encouraged to enroll in an intensive summer language course before entering the program. Applicants should submit the following materials to:

  1. A completed application form (fillable PDF).
  2. Official transcripts from all colleges or universities you have attended.
  3. Two letters of recommendation from current or former professors, preferably those familiar with your experience in Greek and/or Latin.
  4. A personal statement explaining your background in Greek and/or Latin and your reasons for seeking the certificate. The personal statement should not exceed 800 words.
Application Deadline

The deadline to apply is rolling, but to ensure placement in the program applicants should be aware that the review of applications begins April 23.

Contact Us

Julia Dyson Hejduk
Reverend Jacob Beverly Stiteler Professor of Classics
Post-Baccalaureate Program Director
(254) 710-7763

Department of Classics

Morrison 333
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Waco, TX 76798

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