Danielle Washington

Latin Teacher, Internship Program Coordinator, and Campus Life Chairman
Providence Catholic School, San Antonio, Texas
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15 years ago as a freshman in high school, I began my study of Latin. Today, I teach 7 levels of Latin: Intro, I, II, Pre-AP III, AP IV and V for grades 6th-12th an all-girls preparatory school in San Antonio, Texas. I owe much of the knowledge and skills I use every day in the classroom to my education in the Baylor Classics Department. Baylor took me from a naïve understanding of Latin as just a language with root words, to seeing the beauty of the language, the life and art of its literature and the history and power of the culture it represents. Furthermore, while the classes at Baylor were an inspiration, the conversations and one-on-one moments with my professors are what really made all the difference. They helped me realize that a career in studying and teaching Latin was not only an exciting possibility, but also my personal calling in life. I went on to study as a research and teaching assistant at the University of Colorado at Boulder where I earned an M.A.T. since I intended on returning to my hometown to teach at the secondary level. I would have never made it to this point in my life, however, had my Baylor professors not taken the time to invest in me and encourage me on both an academic and personal level. Because of their intentional mentoring, I have been able to use my Classics education at Baylor in all aspects of my teaching. I traveled abroad for the first time with the Baylor in Italy program and watched in awe as an ancient world unraveled in real life before me. Because of that experience, I had the confidence to apply to the American School of Classical Studies at Athens and received their summer program scholarship. I have been able to share this educational “travel bug” with my students and am planning a second trip to Europe for my school. I have recently expanded my career to include college and career preparation for Seniors through teaching an Internship course at my school, as well as directing our Campus Life Clubs and Organizations. No matter what I am involved in at my school, my training from Baylor gives me the ideas, words, and motivation to teach my students what they need to know about life inside and outside of the curriculum.

Danielle received her B.A. in Classics in 2011.

Department of Classics

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