Student Feedback

Here are what some veterans of Baylor in Italy in years past have to say about the program. If you are a Baylor in Italy veteran and would like to be included here, please email us.

“Baylor in Italy is an exhilarating and unforgettable experience.”
~ Susannah Brister 2011

“Baylor in Italy provides the opportunity for immense growth both academically and as a person; students will never forget the sights and experiences of beautiful Italy.”
~ Anna Sitz 2007

“This trip was a fantastic adventure with amazing strangers I now call my friends.”
~ Claire Burch 2007

“I can honestly say that going on Baylor in Italy was one of the best experiences that I’ve ever had. Not only did I have the opportunity to cultivate a more significant appreciation for modern Italian culture and way of life, but my understanding of it was greatly enriched by the in-depth study of Italy’s classical heritage. There’s absolutely no comparison to seeing, touching, and living all of the history that you've learned in the classroom, and at once being surrounded by both ancient ruins and contemporary Italy.”
~ Katherine Rice 2007

“Studying Classics at Baylor and knowing the history of Italy do not prepare you for the magnificence of the sites. When you look up at the Pantheon, or when you first step into the Forum, you approach the grandeur of the ancients from an new perspective.”
~ Bill Wilson 2007

“Baylor in Italy is the experience of a lifetime: I had the opportunity take highly interesting courses while being immersed in the powerful and imposing remains of the classical world. Neither the sites nor the experiences of this trip will be soon forgotten.”
~ Daniel Walin 2004

“It was a tremendous experience for me. I had always assumed that I could learn history from textbooks but nothing in a textbook can really compare with strolling through 2500-year-old ruins or experiencing a Sunday morning in St. Peter's Basilica. During the trip, I didn't merely learn history, I experienced, felt, and touched history. I highly recommend this program to anyone with even the slightest interest in the Roman, Greek, Biblical, Italian or medieval time periods.”
~ Garrett Phillips, 2004

“This program expanded my love of and interest in the Classics and solidified my base of classical knowledge while providing an opportunity to live as a Roman.”
~ Candace Spain, 2003

“Baylor in Italy was an incredible learning and growing experience...It was culturally enriching and entertaining at the same time. There are few other programs that can give you so much... It was great - I got a better appreciation of classical architecture and history.”
~ Becky Tompkins, 2003

“It was great--I got a better appreciation of classical architecture and history.”
~ Rachel Hanna, 1999

“Being in Italy, in Rome, among ruins, in person... need I say more??? What a whirlwind tour of Italy!!! I felt closer to heaven seeing the artwork of man. Baylor In Italy-- good teachers-- good food-- meet new people-- have fun!”
~ Carmela Casipit, 1998

“Baylor in Italy was far better than I had ever dreamed it would be. It was all so magnificent, from gazing over the Bay of Naples to climbing ancient paths to seeing Botticelli originals...I fell in love with Rome, and I'm already scheming to go back.”
~ Angeline Chiu, 1998

“This program expanded my love of and interest in the classics and solidified my base of classical knowledge while providing an opportunity to live as a Roman.”
~ Leslie Hutton, 1998

“Baylor in Italy was nothing short of remarkable -- intense and in-depth -- a first-hand look at the interactions of events and people that made ancient Rome what it was. To top it all off was the opportunity to enjoy a uniquely beautiful country. The whole atmosphere sucked me in and made me fall in love with Italy.”
~ Elisabeth Myers, 1998

“The trip was incredible! The food was great, the hotels were wonderful, and Rome was so beautiful. If only I could go back...”
~ Laura Veal, 1997

“...This is the perfect better [one’s] knowledge of Latin or Roman history...” “...the experiences I carried home with me were so valuable...” “The trip was like spending two weeks in Classics Heaven!”
~ Ande Wetzel, 1997

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