Baylor in Italy 2023 Proposed Itinerary


June 1: depart from US

June 2-11 in Aix-en-Provence, France

June 2: arrive in Aix, tour of city

June 3: classes in Aix

June 4: bus to Nimes for daytrip (then back to Aix)

June 5: classes in Aix

June 6: bus to Arles, with stop at St Remy, for daytrip (then back to Aix)

June 7: classes in Aix

June 8: free day (trip to coast recommended)

June 9: classes in Aix

June 10: classes in Aix

June 11: bus back to Marseille, flight to Rome

June 11-21 in Rome

June 11: arrive in Rome

June 12: Upper campus - Piazza del Popolo, Ara Pacis, Mausoleum, Pantheon, Column of Marcus Aurelius, obelisk, Temple of Hadrian

June 13: Basilica di San Clemente, Ludus Magnus, Baths of Caracalla, Via Appia

June 14: Carcer, Imperial Fora, Capitoline, L. Argentina

June 15: Forum/Palatine; Colosseum

June 16: Circus Maximus, Forum Boarium, Theater of Marcellus, Portico of Octavia, Tiber Island

June 17: free (Vatican Museums recommended)

June 18: train to Florence with overnight stay

June 19: Galleria dell’Accademia; return train to Rome

June 20: Castel Sant’Angelo, St Peter’s

June 21: bus to airport, return to US



Aix: provided by IAU

Rome: Domus Sessoriana, Hotel President

Florence: Hotel Adler Cavalieri



Faculty will provide flight details for their flight by mid-March. Though airfare is not covered by the program fee, students are welcome to book the same flight as the faculty if they so choose.

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