Dan Hanchey

Dan Hanchey
Associate Professor of Classics / Undergraduate Program Director
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  • Ph.D., Classics, The University of Texas, 2009
  • M.A., Classics, The University of Texas, 2006
  • B.A., Greek, Latin, Baylor University, 2002

Cicero; dialogue form; philosophy, rhetoric, politics, and social ethics of late republican Rome

Research Interests

Dr. Hanchey’s research interests lie primarily with the dialogues of Cicero, and particularly the ways in which Cicero merges philosophical ideas with rhetorical strategies in the context of the dialogue form to comment on the social and political structures of late republican Rome.

Selected Publications
  • Perturbatio, frugalitas, and bene beateque vivendum: Ciceronian Philosophy as Ciceronian Defense in Pro Rege Deiotaro,” Illinois Classical Studies (forthcoming, 2015)
  • “Conflicting Models of Exchange in Cicero’s Brutus,” Latomus (forthcoming, 2014)
  • Classical Journal: Special Issue on Cicero (ed). Vol. 110, No. 1 (2014). Co-edited with A. Smith.
  • “Introduction,” Classical Journal 110 (2014) 1-8, co-authored with A. Smith.
  • “Days of Future Passed: Fiction Forming Fact in Cicero’s Dialogues,” Classical Journal 110 (2014), 61-77.
  • “Rhetoric and the Immortal Soul in Tusculan Disputation 1,” Syllecta Classica 24 (2013). 77-103.
  • Otium as Civic and Personal Stability in Cicero’s Dialogues,” Classical World 106.2 (2013). 171-98.
  • “Cicero, Exchange, and the Epicureans,” Phoenix 67 (2013). 119-34.
  • “Terence and the Scipionic Grex,” in A. Augoustakis and A. Traill (eds.), The Blackwell Companion to Terence. (2013). 113-31.
  • “Typically Unique: Shared Strategies in Cicero’s Pro Archia and Pro Balbo,” Classical Journal. 108.2. (2012). 159-86.

Department of Classics

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