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Baylor in Italy

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BII 2018:
28 May - 3 July (Summer 1) and
5 July - 8 August, 2018 (Summer 2)

About the Program

BII offers a variety of courses from a wide range of departments, including Classics, Latin, Anthropology, English, BIC, Great Texts, and Pre-Med.

In Summer 1 students may fulfill Fine Arts credit with Classical Mythology (CLA 3380), study Latin at the intermediate or upper level (LAT 2310, 2320), complete a British Literature credit (ENG 2301), take an upper-level English course (Speacial Topics in Medieval Literature) or be part of an archaeological survey (ANT 4690 -- more information available through the Dept. of Anthropology).

In Summer 2 students can learn on site in a Roman Topography course (CLA 3321), earn BIC credit through a Biblical Heritage course, earn Honors College credit through a class on Medieval Pilgrimage, or, for qualifying students, complete 8 hours of Pre-Med credit.

We will journey all over Italy. Based in the medieval city of Viterbo, we will travel also to Rome, Venice, Florence, Capri, Pompeii, Paestum, Assisi, Tivoli, and Cerveteri at various points during the summer.

The sights, the sounds, the monuments, and the places you visit when you are in Italy become the classroom. In this academic program, you will take notes on site, visit excavations, climb under buildings, and see things off-limits to the general public.

There’s a place for all kinds of students in Italy this summer. We hope you will join us!


Summer 1

DAN HANCHEY (Classics)
COLLEEN ZORI (Anthropolgy)
DAVIDE ZORI (BIC/Anthropology)

Summer 2

JEFF HUNT (Classics/Honors College)