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Is Classics Right for Me?

Are you curious about the roots of the society in which you live? Would you like to read great texts and explore foundational in their original language? Do you have a passion for Languages? Literature? Linguistics? History? Philosophy? Religions? Are you looking for a major that will challenge you to master specifics and integrate them into a much larger whole?

If you can answer yes to one or more of the above questions, then you should consider majoring in Classics.

Our department faculty has a breadth of expertise and level of research activity that rivals some graduate programs -- resources that we are proud to devote solely to undergraduate education. As a major or minor, this means small classes and easy access to research opportunities, especially in the third and fourth year.

Our top students have presented papers at the annual meeting of the Classical Association of the Middle-West and South, won internships on archaeological digs, and received scholarships to attend the American School of Classical Studies at Athens. Our chapter of Eta Sigma Phi, the national Classics honorary, offers opportunities for on campus leadership and early professional networking. Our robust participation in the Honor's College provides opportunities for interdisciplinary study with some of Baylor's most talented teachers. A number of our students have achieved the honor of nomination to Baylor's chapter of Phi Beta Kappa, the oldest and one of the most selective honor societies for the liberal arts and sciences.

If you are seeking a close knit community of high-achieving learners who seek to explore timeless material with both depth and breadth, we invite you to come discover the Baylor Classics Department.