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A Career Specialist's Perspective

"Classics majors have taken on a rigorous course of study which requires mental discipline and hard work. Students must have strong attention to details and yet a worldly outlook, not to mention a fascina-tion with history. Studying the Classics can produce stronger vocabulary skills, an understanding of pho-netic principles, logical thinking, problem solving skills, critical analysis of complex information and situations, understanding and appreciating other perspectives, and critical listening skills. A Classics major provides a unique perspective on life, culture, the arts, philosophy, literature, and leadership. ..."

"But how do you deal with THE QUESTION, that dreaded moment when someone learns you're a Classics major and asks: 'What are you going to do with that?!?'"

"Well, first of all, your major is not a hammer. You're not going to 'do' anything with it. Your major is a body of knowledge, a way of thinking -- the mindsets and skills you have acquired. The more relevant question is: How are you going to apply your knowledge, mindsets and skills in the work-place? In other words, how will your Classics major help you THINK and ACT in whatever career you select? After all, you will have several careers and many jobs over a lifetime and that Classics major in your head will follow you everywhere."

Katherine Brooks, "Classics Majors Find their future in the Past". Psychology Today. March 3, 2010. Dr. Brooks (Ed. D.) is director of Liberal Arts Career Services for the University of Texas at Austin.