Preparing to come to Baylor
Naymond Keathley
Congratulations on your admission to Baylor! As you will see when you look at our instructions for obtaining a visa, you must accept Baylor's offer of admission. Although we are very excited about the possibility of your joining our Baylor family, I do want to point out several mandatory policies about which you should be aware and to which you must strictly adhere as you finalize your plans.

(1) In order to attend the required orientation and to become properly settled before classes begin, you must arrive at Baylor on or before the program start date listed in Item #5 of your SEVIS I-20. Arriving later than this date is not allowed except for some graduate students. (Graduate students who wish to arrive later must have the permission of their department chair to do so, and that department must notify our International Student and Scholar Services staff in writing.) Be aware that attempting to enter the United States later than this date found on the I-20 will probably result in the denial of your entry. If you are not able to report to Baylor by this required date, you should defer your enrollment until the following semester.

(2) Be sure that all information on your I-20 is accurate, including the proper sequence of your first and last names. Any differences in your passport and your I-20 will result in a denial of your visa. Therefore, if you discover errors on your I-20, please report them immediately to our staff

(3) By submitting your Confirmation of Financial Resources (CFR) to Baylor, you are declaring that you have enough money to fund your entire first year of expenses. Failure to do so will cause the cancellation of your class schedule, the invalidation of your visa, and the necessity of your prompt departure from the U.S. Furthermore, you must be prepared to pay for an annual increase in the cost of attendance. Please understand that Baylor has no additional financial assistance available to you.

(4) Attention graduate students: If your family intends to live with you during your graduate program, they may join you only after the successful completion of your first semester. ISSS staff will assist you with their F-2 visa process. Be aware that bringing your family is extremely expensive, and there is no financial assistance available for their expenses. In addition to the routine costs of maintaining a family, all F-2 dependents must be enrolled in Baylor´┐Żs mandatory health insurance. Expenses for a spouse and two children can add more than $21,000 to required funding before their I-20s can be issued.

We would be very pleased to have you at Baylor; however, if you cannot meet the requirements above, you should reconsider enrolling at this institution.

We do hope you will find it possible to join us. As you make your decision, email us at if you have any questions, particularly about the F-1 visa. We will gladly assist you.


Naymond H. Keathley, Ph.D.

Interim Director