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A troubling aspect to the present reconstruction of the world order is the fine line in decision-making either to "win over" or "wall off" the hearts and minds of a people. Terrorism is said to have forced our hands in these decisions; yet the criteria by which one national or ethnic group is granted entry to the global society even as others are rejected remain largely undefined. The strategic interests of the industrialized world undoubtedly are a factor, but caprice appears to influence these choices as well.

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Constitutional Developments in Iraq and Afghanistan

Harvard law professor Noah Feldman served as an advisor to the State Department in the drafting of the Afghan constitution. In an interview, Feldman describes the "experiments" underway in Iraq and Afghanistan to develop systems that combine shariah and secular law to be administered by a coalition of Islamic and secular judges. Feldman provides an interesting perspective on the quest to legitimize these hybrid shariah/constitutional systems.

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