The J. M. Dawson Institute of Church-State Studies is the only institute of its kind in American academia, providing scholars with the resources to explore the relationship between church and state, as well as broader issues at the critical nexus of religion and society, from a variety of faith perspectives, cultural traditions, and academic disciplines. From its inception in 1957, the stated purpose of the Institute has been to stimulate academic interest and encourage research and publications in the field of church-state relations. In carrying out its statement of purpose, the Institute has sought to honor a threefold commitment: to be interfaith, interdisciplinary, and international.


To support its mission, various items and internet links are listed below to aid researchers and interested parties in finding and acquiring resources related to church-state issues and events. While the Institute does not officially endorse these items, they can be used as a starting point to gain insight into various aspects of church-state matters.