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J.M. Dawson Institute Graduates - Theses and Dissertations (2006-2012)

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J.M. Dawson Institute Graduates - Theses and Dissertations (through 2000)
LastFirstYear completedDegreeTitle
AbegundeOlefumi1987MAThe Impact of Islamic Resurgence on Church-State Relations in Nigeria Since 1950.
AllisonPenny Peach1976MAPublic School Textbooks as the Subject of Church-State Controversy, with a Case Study of Kahawha County, West Virginia."
BochisLidia1998MAPhysician Assisted Suicide in the Church and State Context.
BrantleyRandy1991MAThe United States Sanctuary Movement for Central American Refugees: A Church-State Analysis.
BuitronRick1991MAAn Analysis of the Advocacy Role of President Ronald Reagan in American Church-State Relations.
CraddockJay1998MAThe Role of Religion in the Placement and Care of Dependent and Neglected Children by the State.
DavisDerek H.1988MAThe Perspective of William H. Rehnquist on the First Amendment Religion Clauses in the Light of the Original Intent of the Framers.
DayKathleen LaNell1978MAState Licensing of Religious Child-Care Institutions: A Case Study of Roloff Evangelistic Enterprises, Inc.
DengXioagang1988MAThe Impact of Nationalism on Church-State Relations in China, 1840-1986.
DokupilSusanna Gooch1996MAThe Separation of Mosque and State: Islam and Modernization in Turkey.
ElhardD. Wayne1976MAThe Brooks, Alberta, National Anthem Controversy.
EubanksFranklin Gibson1983MAThe National Historic Preservation of Churches and Related Church-State Issues
FergusonKelly Cook-1992MAA Critical Review of the Supreme Court's Use of the 'Compelling State Interest' Test in Light of Employment Division v. Smith: Continuity or Discontinuity.
GanHai1997MADiscussion of the American Military Chaplaincy in Relation to War, the Bible, the First Amendment, and Constitutional Cases: Ethical and Constitutional Considerations.
GapePeter1994MAThe Catholic Church and the Struggle for Justice and Human Rights in the Philippines Since Independence (1946-Present).
GlanzerPerry1991MAThe Establishment of 'Secular Humanism' in the Public Schools: A Critical Analysis.
HamiltonGregory1998MASandra Day O'Connor's Judicial Philosophy on the Role of Religion in Public Life.
HankinsBarry1983MABilly Graham and American Nationalism
HansenTimothy J.1984MAPublic Aid to Church-Related Higher Education: Constitutional and Religions Implications of the Texas Tuition Equalization Grant.
HolcombJ. David1992/1997MA/PhD(MA) "An Analysis of the Equal Access Act of 1984 and Board of Education of Westside Community Schools v. Mergens and Their Impact on the Future Course of Religion, the State, and Education." (PhD) "The Nexus of Freedom of Religion and Separation Church and State in the Thought of Leo Pfeffer"
KimHeung Soo1986MAThe Unification Church and the State: A Case Study in American Church-State Relations.
KouszGertrude E.1999MAThe Development of American Lutheran Advocacy: 1914 to the Present.
KristofDeana2000MACharitable Choice: An Examination of the Prevailing Church-State Implications in the 1996 Welfare Reform Act.
LatimerBrett Hugh1995MATheological Foundations and Contemporary Applications of the Involvement of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in U.S. National Politics.
LiWenXue1999MAMaoism in Chinese Civil Religion: Apotheosized Mao Zedong in China since 1935.
LogsdonJim Hank1970MAThe Election and Presidency of John Fitzgerald Kennedy in the Writings of Ewing Stanford James, Editor of the Baptist Standard 1954-1966.
LongacreJames C.1972MAInternational Conflict in the Work of Herbert Butterfield.
MarcusBrian1995MAReligion and Antebellum Politics: A Comparison of the Religious Genesis and Elements of the Anti-Masonic and American (Know-Nothing) Parties.
MattinglyTerry Lee1984MAA Unity of Frustration: Civil Religion in the 15 October 1969 Vietnam War Moratorium.
MosesH. Vincent1973MAThe Relationship of Nationalism and Religion in the Writings of Hans Kohn and Carlton J. H. Hayes.
NunnalleeChristopher1995MAThe American Liberal Experiment: Rights, Duty, and Virtue in the United States.
OyedokunMichael Oloyede1973MAForeign Interventions in the Nigerian Civil War with Emphasis upon the Role of the Roman Catholic Church.
PerkinsBernadette1997MACivil Religion in Russia: Fifteenth Century to the Present.
PhillipsJ. Stephen1998PhDThomas Helwys and the Idea of Religious Liberty
SchleicherDorothy1993MAA History and Analysis of the Role of the Baptist Joint Committee, 1972-Present.
SmithGeorge Wayne1978MAA Comparative Analysis of the Concept of Religious Liberty in the Thought of Robert F. Drinan, S. J., and the Dignitatis Humanae of Vatican Council II
TisonRichard1999MAMaterialists Employing Science: Phillip Johnson's Critique of Darwinian Evolution and Its Church-State Implication."
UbbenDonald Thomas1972MAThe South Carolina Church Act of 1706: The Triumph of Anglican Establishment.
UzzelRobert L.1976MAThe Nation of Islam: Belief and Practice in Light of the American Constitutional Principle of Religious Liberty.
WarrenDwayne1990MAChurch Discipline and the Right to Privacy
WatsonMicah2000MACultivating the Authentic: C. S. Lewis and Natural Law.
WattsJohn A.1979MAA Refutation of Robert N. Bellah's Concept of a World Civil Religion as the Fulfillment of America's Eschatological Hope.
WellsWilliam G.1996MAThe Church-State Dimensions of Soren Kierkegaard's Writings: Toward a Kierkegaardian Conception of Church-State.
WhiteDaniel R.1973MAReligious Liberty in Spain Since 1943: The Interaction of Political, Religious, and Social Forces."
WinkKenneth Alan1987MADeprogramming and the First Amendment
ZhouYa-rong1994MAThe Influence of Nationalism on Christianity in China, 1840-1994.