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Comments from Participants


"In May of 2017 I participated in the Baylor University Christian Higher Education Leadership Seminar.  Over the last 20 years working in higher education I have attended several conferences, seminars, and leadership/management programs, and I can say unequivocally that the Baylor seminar was among the very best.  From the initial registration through summary evaluation, the administrative process was very smooth and effective.  The setting and accommodations were great!  The quality of the food provided along with the ambience of the dining facility made the meal times enjoyable and informative.

The organizers of the Baylor Seminar set a wonderful lineup of speakers representing multiple disciplines and perspectives.  Their collective experience, insight, and candor was appreciated.  I found all of the speakers to be dynamic and eager to contribute, and I felt as though there were clear takeaways from every session.  In my experiences it has been rare to exit every session of a conference feeling positive, but I can honestly say that was what I encountered at Baylor.  The level of engagement was very high, and my sense was that everyone in the room felt part of the event.

Finally, the salient feature of this seminar is the reliance on our common faith in Jesus as the ultimate example of effective leadership, and that was clearly reflected in conversation and opportunities for collective worship.  The integration of faith was done quite well, complementing the opportunities provided for both socialization and quiet time.  I would absolutely recommend the Baylor University Christian Higher Education Leadership Seminar to colleagues from all levels and units of higher education leadership."


"Overall, this is one of the two more valuable workshops I have ever attended during a career that has spanned over 30 years. Thank you all so very much."


"What was the most beneficial part of the seminar? Gaining wider university perspective."


"I was quite impressed by the panel of presidents represented. Their transparency and honesty about the challenges their respective schools face or have faced with very much appreciated."


"The networking is invaluable. I also appreciated the times when attendee's shared experiences and knowledge during the sessions."


"Hearing a raw and real assessment of the range of issues involving academic leadership, including thorny issues related to Title IX and FERPA. The case study was a very helpful exercise as well, esp for a younger administrator."


"I thought each topic was relevant and valuable…. Well done."


"So many of the details were well thought out."


"What was the most beneficial part of the seminar? Interaction with colleagues, peers, and absolutely brilliant minds."


"I enjoyed the whole thing. The food was exceptional."


"What was the most beneficial part of the seminar? Hearing from high level leaders who have successfully navigated difficult situations and effectively led their institutions."