Who Should Attend?

Although the seminar has much to offer anyone working in higher education, it will be most helpful to deans, chairs, department heads, program directors, and upper-level supervisors.

Seminar Cost

Baylor University has recently launched a new undertaking around the theme of Light ( Baylor desires to be a place that helps others flourish. The Christian Higher Education Leadership Seminar is purposed to help Christian leaders flourish. Therefore, we do not want cost prohibiting any institution from participating. To demonstrate our commitment, we are making the cost of the seminar variable: we ask participants to pay what their institution/department can support. The registration cost covers all meals, lodging on campus, and the costs associated with the seminar itself. We understand that the variable rate is unorthodox; our intention is that finances do not prohibit any Christian leader from receiving the professional development that this seminar offers. To register for the seminar, please fill out the Registration form.  The registration deadline is April 15th.

How to Register

Seminar participants must register here. If you have any problems with registration or have questions about the seminar, please e-mail Elijah Jeong