Katherine Jada Ph.D.

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Assistant Professor of Social and Behavioral Health Science 

About Dr. Katherine Janda

Dr. Janda’s work focuses on food insecurity mitigation and improving healthy food access to promote health equity in underserved communities. Specifically, her research centers on examining where food insecurity and minimal healthy food access are occurring; who is disproportionately experiencing these issues; and how to design and evaluate community-engaged programs seeking to address these problems. Rooted in the social-ecological model, her work involves collaborating with community organizations and employing various methodologies (geospatial, quantitative, and qualitative) to better understand multi-level influences on food insecurity and limited healthy food access in local and regional contexts. Dr. Janda’s research areas are Food Insecurity and Healthy Food Access, Health Equity and Disparities, Evaluation, Geospatial Analysis (GIS) and Mixed Methods, and Community Health Promotion.