Nick Frye Ph.D.

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Assistant Professor of Child and Family Studies

About Dr. Nick Frye

The Department of Human Sciences and Design is pleased to welcome Dr. Nick Frye as an incoming Assistant Professor of Child and Family Studies. Dr. Frye is joining the Baylor faculty from Auburn University’s Military REACH program in Auburn, Alabama, in which he is completing a postdoctoral research fellowship. A collaborative researcher who seeks to improve the lives of families at risk for unique stressors, Dr. Frye’s research focuses on the study of resilience and emotional competency in relation to family well-being, particularly for military and stepfamilies. In his current role, Dr. Frye-Cox reviews and translates current research into policy reports and outreach publications for the Department of Defense, military families, helping professionals, and the public. His scholarship has recently been published in the Journal of Family Issues and Journal of Divorce and Remarriage and featured in national conferences with the American Psychological Association and National Council on Family Relations.