Joon Park, Ph.D.

Joon Park, Ph.D.
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Associate Professor in Exercise Physiology


About Dr. Joon Park

We are pleased to welcome Dr. Joon Park as a tenured Associate Professor in Exercise Physiology from Temple University. Dr. Park is a gifted researcher. His research program primarily focuses on mitochondrial adaptation to exercise in endothelial cells as well as muscle-vessel crosstalk in the context of muscle angiogenesis targeting hypertension and peripheral artery disease. In addition, the recent development of extracellular vesicle research in his laboratory led to a new direction of research associated with blood-brain barrier (endothelial tight junction disruption)-associated biomarker for sports-related concussions. Dr. Park has a strong record of external funding from the NIH and the American Heart Association. He has more than 52 peer-reviewed papers and 8 manuscripts currently under review. Dr. Park has a passion for teaching, and for including students in his research. He has taught numerous exercise physiology courses in the Integrative Exercise Physiology graduate program in kinesiology at Temple as well as in the Biomedical Science Graduate Program at the Katz School of Medicine.