Cory Smith, Ph.D.

Cory Smith, Ph.D.
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Assistant Professor in Exercise Physiology

About Dr. Cory Smith

Dr. Cory Smith joins us as an Assistant Professor in Exercise Physiology from the University of Texas at El Paso. Dr. Smith’s research focuses on physiological interventions to aid patients with chronic neuromuscular diseases or injuries through intermittent hypoxia, novel exercise rehabilitation techniques, and biofeedback devices. His research aims to improve military leadership decision making, and to develop neuro-cognitive biofeedback device to accelerate expert-level learning in military officer training through physiological interventions. He hopes to perfect the Electromechanical Delay Approach which tracks changes in neural plasticity, neuromuscular degradation associated with microgravity, human performance improvements, and progression/recovery of neuromusculoskeletal diseases. He wants to apply this research to improve the safety of those who live and work in austere environments such as hypoxia, cold, heat, humidity, and microgravity in astronauts, pilots, firefighters, police, military, or adventurers. His projects are currently aligned and submitted for funding to the DoD, NIH, NASA, NCBA, as well as many local and federal non-profit agencies.