Welcome Robbins College Fall Incoming First Year Students (Freshmen)


*UPDATED* On May 26th, you will receive an email with information about scheduling your advising appointment. Appointments will become available on June 1st (Note - the June 7th date for advising freshman for this upcoming fall semester in the video above should be updated to June 1st as well). In the meantime, we encourage you to familiarize yourself with the course catalogue so that you can bring any questions you may have to your advising appointment. When scheduling your advising appointment, please make sure that it does not overlap with your in-person Orientation and Baylor Line Camp experience.

Advising Checklist:
  1. Log in to your GoBaylor account to confirm you major is listed correctly, if not, contact your Admissions Counselor
  2. Complete the New Student Questionnaire in your GoBaylor account to determine if you are required to take a placement exam.
  3. Submit all transcripts, Dual Credit, and AP credit
  4. Watch the Robbins Advising Video above prior to scheduling your advising appointment.  Your Robbins advisor will send an email to your Baylor email account with instructions on scheduling your academic advising appointment and registering for Fall courses. 

Incoming freshman students, please email any questions you might have to: CHHS_Advising@baylor.edu

Summer Semester dates for 2021:

May Minimester (May 12-28)

Summer 1 (June 1-July 6)

Summer 2 (July 8-August 11)

Fall Semester dates for 2021: 

Fall Semester (August 23 – December 16) 

Get to know the steps in your transition process at the Your Baylor Welcome Experience website.