Jennifer Murphy

Jennifer Murphy
Lecturer, Human Sciences and Design
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Lecturer, Family and Consumer Sciences

Child and Family Studies


  • MA, Educational Psychology, University of Colorado, Denver
  • BS, Child and Family Studies, Baylor University

Areas of teaching interest:

  • Individual and Family Relationship Development
  • The Preschool Child
  • Parenting


  • North American Reggio Emilia Alliance (NAREA)


Working in the field of early childhood since 1994, I have seen many changes and learned so many things about myself and the children and families I worked with. I have had the opportunity to work in many diverse settings from Early Migrant Head Start to Public School Early Intervention to one of the leading Reggio Emilia Inspired schools in the nation and now I have the privilege of working at Baylor's Lab School Piper Center for Family Studies and Child Development. I also have been blessed to help college students and graduate students find their passion and see the worth and amazing potential in the smallest among us.

Research interests:

  • Risk-taking and how it evolves as we age
  • Mealtimes (introducing family-style meals to infants in the classroom)
  • Nature and children


“An Introduction to the Reggio Emilia Approach”. Presented at St. Pauls Preschool in January 2019.

Developed and delivered a presentation on the basics of the Reggio Emilia Approach to Early Childhood Education and my personal experiences as a teacher in those settings.

“The Environment as the Third Teacher”. Presented at St. Pauls Preschool in February 2019.

Developed and delivered a presentation on the environment as the third teacher, and also advised on where and how their environment could use some updating.

“Offering Children’s Experiences Back to Them”. Presented at Boulder Journey School in March of 2016.

Co-Developed and delivered a presentation to Amelia Gambetti (visiting from Reggio Emilia) and other colleagues on the research done by myself and my director Andrea Sisbarro on the evolution of a classroom environment by closely observing children’s interests and changing the environment daily to spur on further investigations.

“A Collaboration with Nature Explore: Children’s Participation in the Design of Outdoor Spaces”. Presented at Boulder Journey School Summer Conference 2014.

Part of a team consisting of Chris Kiewra, Liaison, Dimensions Educational Foundation, four Teachers from Boulder Journey School to develop and deliver a presentation based on a year of collaborative action research based on infants and toddlers in nature.